HS Certifiering is an accredited certification company.

We certifiy food producers, farmers, retailers, restaurants and public catering.

Email us: info@hscertifiering.se
Call us: +46 703-11 20 50


Information regarding Corona Covid-19 and On-line services

HS Certification strictly follow guidelines from authorities and regulations we certify.

Our staff adopts strict hygiene rules according to the public health authority in Sweden.
On farm sites and wherever possible we try keep meetings outdoors.

Our goal is to assist customers with service to help ensure food supply in society.

Online service
We have the opportunity to provide service remotely through digital tools and according to regulations. Contact our Customer Service of your Auditor directly for more information.

HS Certification
Certification and control of foods
Accredited by Swedac
Member of Swedish association for testing inspection and certification